Catching Up

So, posting has been extremely light on account of me finishing up graduate school and getting that business degree. On top of working. And moving. And having babies. So I have this big pile of news stories I just haven’t gotten around to reading. I made a big-ass Word document and just started cutting and pasting onto the end of it. It’s over 300 pages long.

But I’m graduated now, and I feel like Burgess Meredith in that one Twilight Zone episode where he survives the nuclear blast and realizes he now has time enough to do all the reading he wants to.

One of the stories I read is this Wired article about Craig’s List. I hadn’t read a whole lot about it, and I’m glad I waited until I graduated before I got around to it. Because these people managed to make an Internet juggernaut while doing about 70% of the things they said at business school you should not do. And not doing things that you should do.

Liking having a marketing staff. They don’t have one. And that’s just for starters

Like the man says, read the whole thing. Craig’s List is way more interesting than I’d thought.

Freaks and Geeks, finally!

So, I’ve been watching Freaks
and Geeks
. It’s that show that I heard someone somewhere go
all bananas over at least once every three months for the last ten years of my
life. And finally, finally, I’m getting around to watching it.

Totally lives up to expectations. Seriously, yo, if you haven’t seen it, make
it happen.

and order the dang thing!

I know it means something different to just about everyone who watches it, but
it means something for me especially since A) I was a total geek in high
school, and B) the show takes place in 1980, which is the year I started

As I might have mentioned before, I grew up in exurban Kansas City. Everyone
at my grade school, without exception, was really nice. Once people got into
high school, though, apparently things changed. I remember when J the Second Grader had
to go to the high school, and the place absolutely terrified me. There were
high school kids smoking cigarettes out in front of the place, and I swear I saw graffiti on the lockers.
I’m not kidding! I saw it! Some of it — you really might want to sit down for
this — had dirty words! I think someone might have written the F word in one
of the bathrooms!

So the eponymous Freaks, I’m familiar with those people. They still terrify
me to this day.

As for the show, I’m only on episode 5, but as of right now, I give the show
four and a half Toby Heads. It’ll have to earn the last half a head in these
last episodes. Here’s hoping it ends strong!

When I was in high school, there were about five genres of music people might be into: pop, rock, country, rap, and “alternative”. A few people owned that Bob Marley greatest hits album. That was about it. And even that was about three more genres than when my parents were in high school. Now musical tastes have gotten so fragmented there’s no way to keep up with these things. Mass culture just doesn’t exist any more. (As someone who listens to more Brazilian R&B from the 70’s than any other kind of music, I’m doing my part.) Overall, this is probably a good thing. We’re all little snowflakes, and everyone gets to pick out the exact genre of music to fit exactly who they are. Or are we becoming more atomized culturally because we have so many more options? If there were four genres of music to listen to, would we pick whichever of those four we liked the best and be just as happy? I don’t know. What I do know is that this article was a pretty interesting take on this.


The musically fragmented decade